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Welcome to Essencial Dreams we make good scents.

Welcome to Essencial Dreams
Tis the Reason for the Season

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Wishing you All a Merry Christmas filled with Love, Joy and Hope.

Thank you for your support.

From the Kampouris Family and Essencial Dreams.

Organically grown herbs, natural body care products, organic herbs, handmade incense, natural resin incenses, pure essential oils, tinctures, native american herbals like white sage, smudge bundles, sweet grass, bulk teas herbs, gift baskets, fair trade coffee, salves, honey, aromatherapy sprays are some of what you'll find at Essencial Dreams, and a whole lot more...

We personally use all our own natural bodycare and aromatherapy products on a daily basis, as we do our handmade incenses, wildcrafted and organically grown herbs.

Our handmade incense line is made using the finest natural and organic essential oils and herbal ingredients available and always freshly harvested from the current years bounty. Incense isn't something we just found, we were raised with it, Food for Spirit and what we produce has Love and Prayer incorporated within each incense we do create. From Native American Incense that go far back in time to Resin Drop Incenses that trace back to Moses. Our Love and Prayers go into each batch asking that it helps those that use it that their prayers are heard and that only Good things come about to benifit each and everyone of us on this planet we call home.

You see we're a family business and offer the products we create to you. Made with love and prayer our methods of doing business is on a personal level as well as on a spiritual level after all there really is no difference, or seperation. We care about what we offer and it seems our customers love what we do. Quality is not only key but essential.

We use organic herbs and natural body care products because we feel commercially grown with pesticides and synthetic chemical fertilizers do not help our bodies, in fact as we see the rise in cancer and other illnesses we do believe there is a direct cause and effect. It can be denied by corporate farms but if we really look back with open eyes and an open mind it makes sense.

Our bodies are the temple for the Spirit of The Sacred and as such we feel we need to give it the best chance to not only survive but to nourish it and help it grow so that we can reach our full potential. It also necessary to include future generations in what we do today to leave them a better place, not a polluted, and potentially poisonous legacy.
We believe in doing things by keeping 7 generations in mind and action.

That's the way we do business.
With Love,

All of us at Essencial Dreams



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